Animal Osteopathy

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  • Paolo Tozzi D.O.

  • Incl. Tea, coffee & lunch

  • Life Lecture

  • 4 seminars x 4 days (see below) 2024

  • € 870,- per Seminar

  • Accr. IREO 32 pt per sem

    Course description

    One of the best ways to learn and to feel Osteopathy in detail. You can only feel and you will have to rely on what you feel. There is no anamnesis, there are no models and there only can be an explanation afterwards. Clinical reasoning will become osteopathic reasoning. 

    The course contains four levels of 4 days, all in didactic structure and the course will take place within one year. The course will be finished with an exam and a certification. 

    Paolo Tozzi is a highly experiences osteopath with animals, founder of the first Veterinairy Osteopathy School in Italy. Paolo has worked extensively in the zoo of Rome and is co-autor of the book ‘Animal Osteopathy’ (2020), film:, also available on or

    The course is a beautiful and wonderful opportunity to perfect and to extend your osteopathic skills. 

    The course will contain a lot of practice. The easiest way is on dogs, you can bring your own dog and ask friends. We will cooperate with the Faculty of veterinary Medicine in Utrecht. 

    Extra aanbeveling door Robert Muts. 

    Course Dates

    14 - 17 March 2024
    30 May - 02 June 2024
    10 - 13 October 2024
    23 - 26 Januar 2025

    Costs of the Course

    Euro 870,- per Seminar of 4 days (4 seminars total).


    Animal Osteopathy form a series
    of 4 levels (Blocks) of 4 days each:

    Level 1: 4 days about Fundamentals

    Dates: 14 - 17 March 2024

    Fundamentals of ethology and body work on animals

    • The concept of somatic dysfunction: what it is and how to find it
    • Methods of Evaluation and Treatment of somatic dysfunction in dogs
    • Indications and Counterdications of manual work on dogs
    • Articulatory Techniques: History, Principles, Methods of application
    • Practice of articulatory techs on spine and extremeties
    • Rationale, Evidences, Indications and counterindications of articulatory techs

    Level 2: 4 days about Tensecrety

    Dates: 30 May - 02 June 2024

    The connective tissue from a tensegritive prospective: from cellular to body level from a functional perspective

    • Global and local tenso-compression test
    • Global and local tenso-compression treatment
    • Indications and Counterindications, Evidences and physiological effects of the tensegritive approach to dogs
    • The fascial continuum in its structure and function: introduction to the main anatomical and physiological properties of fascia
    • The fascial rhythm: evaluation of its properties and anomalies
    • Indirect and direct fascial techniques: principles, methods of their application and practice

    Level 3: 4 days about Facial unwinding

    Dates: 10 - 13 October 2024

    The Fascial Unwinding: History, Principles, Methods of application (local and global)

    • Rationale, Evidences, Indications and counterindications of fascial work
    • The manual approach to scar tissue
    • Oscillatory and Vibrational approach: History, Principles, Methods of application (to the spine and extremities)
    • Indications, Side effects and Counterindications of the oscillatory approach, including evidences and physiological effects

    Level 4: 4 days about the Fluidic model

    Dates: 23 - 26 Januar 2025

    The fluidic model: History, Principles, Methods of application, Indications and Counterindications

    • Evaluation and balancing of the dog diaghragmatic system
    • Lymphatic pumping techniques to the main visceral organs and systemic homeostatic techniques
    • Integrations with the cranio-sacral work

    Paolo Tozzi, MSc Ost, DO, PT

    Master Science in Osteopathy at the Dresda University (Germany); Doctorat en Osteopathie and Posturologie at the International Association Jean Monnet, amongst the European University Foundation of Bruxelles (Belgium); Bachelor Science Honours Degree in Osteopathy, D.O. at the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone (UK); Degree in Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Rome (Italy); I, II, Master Level Reiki Diplome at the Sri Papaji Centre, Rome (Italy); Participation to various post-graduate courses on osteopathic care of small animals and horses (UK). 

    Head of Academics of the ASOMI College of Sciences in Malta; Honorary Tutor in College of Human and Health Sciences for the Swansea University (UK); Former Viceprincipal of the Italian Association of Posturologists (A.I.R.O.P.); Former Treasurer of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (Os.E.A.N.); Former Viceprincipal of the School of Osteopathy CROMON of Rome; Founder of the First Italian School of Veterinary Osteopathy, Rome; Executive director of the First world congress of osteopathy in animal practice, 

    Since 2008, working experience as osteopath at different veterinary rehabilitation centres in Rome, including the veterinary clinic of the Zoological Park of Rome, for the preventive care and treatment of domesticated and wild animals; In 2009, participation to the 1st Osteopathic wildlife workshop, held at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Tsavo Park, Kenya, organized by Zoo Ost Ltd; In 2008, organizer and lecturer of the First Italian course in osteopathy applied to animals, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education (ECM 8015305). 

    Member of the S.O.A.P. - Society for Osteopaths in Animal Practice; Member of the Fascia Science and Clinical Applications Advisory Board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies; Reviewer for Handspring Publishing (UK); Former reviewer for the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine. 

    Lecturer of biomechanics and manual therapy in different universities in Rome; Lecturer of various post-graduate courses on osteopathic subjects in Italy, Europe and overseas; Speaker in various national and international congresses of osteopathic medicine and manual therapy (included the International Fascia Research Congress); Author of various articles on fascia and fascia research; co-editor and co-author of the book Animal Osteopathy: a comprehensive guide to the osteopathic treatment of animals and birds, published by Handspring Publishing, UK;

    Course Location


    • Reingauerstrasse 13
    • D-65388 Schlangenbad

    Animal Osteopathy

    Teacher: Paolo Tozzi D.O.

    Location: College Sutherland Wiesbaden, Rheingauer Strasse 13, D-85388 Schlangenbad

    Costs: € 870,- per Seminar of four days (Total 4 Seminars)

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    € 870,- per Seminar