The fluidic approach to treating fascia

  • Jane Stark D.O.

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  • 31 maart, 1 en 2 april 2023

  • €750

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    This course challenges several of the commonly held paradigms regarding the understanding and treatment of fascial tissue. In particular, it focuses on the often overlooked, yet critically important, role of loose connective tissue in the regulation of the health of the body.

    Using a comprehensive theoretical approach and her practical experience with dissection and clinical practice, Jane explains, demonstrates, and supervises the practice of techniques applicable to connective using a fluidic, rather than a fibrous, approach to its normalization.

    It will also be discovered that treating the loose connective tissue through the medium of fluid is often times reveals a patient’s emotional landscape.


    • 31 maart 2023
    • 1 en 2 april 2023


    De kosten voor deze cursus bedragen €750 en dat is inclusief koffie, thee, lunch, parkeren en documentatie. De NRO en NOF accreditatie voor deze cursus zijn momenteel in aanvraag.


    Jane holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph in Biology (1980) and a Master’s degree from Walden University in Clinical Research Administration (2014). She also holds diplomas from Sheridan College in Sports Injury Management (1990), the College D’études Superior in Somatotheraphy (2001), and the Canadian College of Osteopathy, in Osteopathy (2003). Atman College in Sophia France bestowed the honorary degree of Honoris Causa to Jane in 2008. She is a EVOST fellow from Group E.

    Jane has been practicing as a certified Athletic Therapist since 1991, and as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner since 2003. She currently serves on the faculty of three osteopathic colleges, the Japanese Traditional Osteopathic College in Kobe Japan, the Canadian College of Osteopathy with campuses in Toronto and Winnipeg and the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques with campuses in Vancouver and Halifax. She has been the director of research at the Canadian College of Osteopathy since 2007.

    Jane is the author of Still’s Fascia, a book about the A.T. Still’s views on fascia and much more. In 2020 she published Journeyman, a biography about the early life of William Garner Sutherland. Jane is recognised internationally as an osteopathic historiographer, author, and workshop leader on the fluidic approach to treating connective tissue and osteopathic history. To date, Jane has lectured or taught in 12 countries.


    • Contactweg 145-153
    • 1014 BJ Amsterdam

    The fluidic approach to treating fascia

    Docent: Jane Stark D.O.

    Locatie: IMC, Perpetuum, Contactweg 145-153, 1014 BJ Amsterdam

    Kosten: €750

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